• Testimonials from previous Boot Camps:
  • "The course offered real value for money. Other travel writing courses cost almost triple what V!VA's course did. It was intensive and practical."

  • "The course was really excellent and the instructors friendly and professional."

  • "I came with an open mind, yet the course far exceeded any expectations I may have had."

  • "The critiquing session helped me learn so much about writing that I'd never known before."

  • "The class was fantastic and I really learned a lot from it. The personas exercise was great, as was the follow up about how to keep in mind all the different travelers you're writing for when you're out scouting." --Suzanne Russo

  • "A great way to learn about a day in the life of a guidebook writer."

  • "All the instructors seemed genuinely interested in helping students learn and improve."

  • "A good base for hopefully a new career!"

  • "It was a great way of really doing the work, getting real feedback and meeting other writers. Tips were helpful as well."

  • "The critiques were very helpful...speakers were great."

  • "...the course was definitely informative and inspiring."

  • "Writing up everything was a huge learning experience as far as trying to be an authority on a city brand new to me. The talks about the biz were also an interesting insight into travel writing."

  • "Learned a lot!"

  • Meet the Professors

  • Lorraine Caputo

  • Lorraine Caputo is V!VA Travel Guides main road writer, having co-authored the Peru, Colombia, Chile and Argentina guides. For over 20 years, she has traveled throughout the Americas, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, and worked in such wild places as Denali, Galápagos and Mexico City. Lorraine is V!VA's resident national park expert, with additional expertise in archaeology, art history and Latino politico-cultural studies. Along with these experiences, she brings to V!VA a background of working in research, print media and community radio, and a knapsack full of poetic publications.



Attend V!VA’s Travel Writing Boot Camps

Learn to Travel Write. Get Published. Get Paid.

V!VA's Boot Camps are five-day-long travel guidebook writing crash courses.

2011 Boot Camps:

Argentina: January 3-7           

Students hit the ground running with assignments, learn how to write guidebooks and have their work critiqued by seasoned professionals. This is a great opportunity for aspiring writers to gain hands-on travel writing skills and experience and get paid!boota

Upon successful completion of the course, Boot Camp graduates have the opportunity to stay on assignment as field writers and be compensated. Works will be published in the upcoming guidebooks for each country.

The cost of the course is $350. (Does not include transportation, lodging and other expenses.)

Writers who perform up to standard, and who stay on assignment and produce more than 200 reviews will have their course fee refunded in addition to normal compensation. Also, there is a discount of $100 for residents of the country where each bootcamp is held.

V!VA is looking for a select army of talented and adventurous writers to train out in the field and jump start their travel writing careers.

Learn from the pros what it takes to be a travel writer, start writing, get published and get paid!

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Take a look at our Application Process , FAQ, student testimonials, and essential skills and abilities pages to find out more about VIVA boot camps and career opportunities.

Also contact us if you are knowledgeable about or have writing experience in one of these countries and are interested in being a guest speaker.

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