Freelance Writing and Editing

We look for talented, experienced and versatile travel writers to create content for our guidebooks in the field. This is an exciting opportunity for you to share your intimate knowledge and experience of places with travelers.

Additionally, in 2009 we will be looking for freelance editors who are specialized in travel to one or more continent. We will also be looking for local editors who will ensure that our website and guidebook content is fresh and up-to-date.

We get a large number of applicants for freelance assignments. The best way to get an assignment is to attend a Travel Writing Boot Camp, where you'll learn about what it takes to be a guidebook writer, get hands on experience and after the course, paid assignments.


We need writers and editors for the following countries:

Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, El Salvador, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Venezuela


We look for the following skills and abilities in candidates (depending on role):


Proven writing talent

Close attention to detail, and ability to turn in excellent copy

Good track record of published work

Significant travel experience

Excellent knowledge of the country to be worked on (often already living in and working from that country)

Willingness to travel as required

Ability to meet strict deadlines


To apply, please send your cover letter detailing why you are suitable for the job along with your resume and a short writing sample (no more than 500 words), to: write(at)


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